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Alora Healthcare Systems

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Address: 2200 Century Parkway NE
Atlanta, GA 30345

Phone Number: 1-800-954-8250 ext. 846

Email: ravi@alorahealth.com

Website: www.alorahealth.com

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About Us

Get to know Alora:

  1. Highly intuitive software. When tasks are made simpler, more gets done and done right. We put years of thinking into our software to make it as easy as possible. And with input from our customers, we are always refining how our software functions and looks.
  2. All-in-one power. Multiple products and plug-ins can complicate your agency operations. We’ve engineered Alora to be comprehensive to streamline work for your front-line caregivers and your back-office administrators.
  3. Customized packages. While Alora software pretty much does it all, you don’t have to pay for a lot of unused features. Our pricing reflects the modules and functionality you need most to run your agency efficiently.
  4. Tailored demonstrations. If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current software, you’re likely reviewing several options. When you decide to take a closer look at Alora, we won’t waste your time. The demo we give you will be based on what’s relevant to your agency’s size and focus.
  5. Tailored training. Some companies “bundle” their software training for several agencies at once. But Alora’s skilled trainers work only with your team to get everyone up and running fast.
  6. Expert help. We like talking to agencies. So if you have a question or issue, an expert with years of home health experience will answer your call, usually on the first ring. This practice separates us from software companies that do everything possible to avoid staffing for help.


Product Description

Flyer - What do you wish your software could do?

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Alora is an easy-to-use cloud based, web enabled and a fully mobile ready software solution for home health and hospice agencies. Serving over 20000 users in multiple states, Alora has an extensive and rapidly growing customer base of agencies with diverse needs related to medical and non-medical services. Alora is specifically designed to satisfy the agency management needs including the EVV and billing requirements of Wisconsin agencies. Alora is used by many Wisconsin agencies currently.

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